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Welcome to the AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service. This service makes it easy for you to get your Axis product up and running within minutes.

Using this service means that you do not need to set an IP address for your product. All you need to do is enter the product's serial number in the box below and the service will provide your product with a unique DNS or domain name (URL address) that allows you to access the product and its Web pages from any standard Web browser.

Before starting, please make sure you have followed the procedures in the product's Installation Guide. You can read these online by clicking on Before you start.
Enter the Axis product's serial number in the box below and click the Proceed button.

A 'Terms of Service' page will appear. Once you have agreed to the Terms of Service, you will be notified if you have successfully received a temporary domain name for your product. To keep it for permanent use, please follow the online instructions. You may unregister the product from the service at any time.
If you have permanently registered your product, but want to change your settings on this service, please enter your product's serial number below and click the Proceed button.
Enter the serial number of your Axis product
(See label on the underside of the product):

Serial number:
Example: 00408C123456